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Look and Feel Better Than Ever! Total-Body Metabolic Resistance Training Workouts for Busy People that Want Results!

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Tucked away in Alachua is a place where fitness junkies can go to get their fix.

Underground Fitness Revolution was created for people who really like to get after it when it comes to working out. This is NOT the place for you if you are a cardio queen, don’t like to sweat, spend 45 minutes working on your biceps and triceps, like to read magazines during training, roll your eyes at people who are actually exerting themselves at the gym, or if you consider walking to be a real workout. However, if you’re serious about your fitness, this truly is the place for you!

Underground Fitness Revolution is a revolutionary 21st century fitness studio featuring 1,273 square feet of open space and padded flooring utilizing only cutting-edge fitness equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls, TRX Suspension Trainers, battling ropes, sandbags, sleds and more. These training tools allow for killer high-intensity total-body metabolic resistance training workouts that combine the muscle-building benefits of strength training with the fat-burning benefits of high-intensity interval training and cardiovascular exercise to allow you to get the biggest bang-for-your-fitness-buck.

Underground Fitness Revolution was created as the anti-gym.

Most gyms and health clubs feature overpriced machines and bulky equipment that leave little or no space for people to actually workout. However, Underground Fitness Revolution features cost-effective fitness classes and space-efficient functional training tools in an upbeat and energizing environment that spits in the proverbial face of the unnecessary frills endemic to most health clubs and one-on-one personal trainers.

Are you ready for something different?

Leave it to Underground Fitness Revolution to be on the cutting edge and bring the hottest fitness craze in North America to Alachua – High-Intensity Total-Body Metabolic Resistance Training Workouts! It seems so new, yet this type of fitness has been around for more than 150 years. How do we explain it? Many people strength train with weights while others perform cardio or aerobics – somewhere between is our high-intensity metabolic group fitness coaching program. Get the benefits of both. Your body will get stronger, your cardiovascular fitness will improve, and you will burn calories and watch your body change.

Our high-intensity total-body metabolic group workout classes are lead by a certified fitness coach using tools including kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, sandbags, battling ropes, medicine balls, TRX’s and other fun, different equipment. This type of training is a great way to shake things up and give you a full-body workout, burn a ton of calories, and get your metabolism going!

A kettlebell is basically a weight with a handle on it that can be used for numerous exercises you don’t typically see in a gym. It may seem intimidating at first, but we’ll teach you how to workout using them. There is some skill involved, but anybody can learn, and we can teach you at Underground Fitness Revolution.

There is absolutely no way to describe this workout without inviting you to try it. We offer a new member INTERVENTION intro class (two 40-45 minute sessions per week for 3 weeks = 6 total sessions) for only $90 (+ tax), so come and give it a try and see for yourself how really different it is and change your body AND life.

Once you complete and pass the strength standards in INTERVENTION, try our METABOLIC MAYHEM high-intensity total-body metabolic classes (three 40-50 minute sessions per week for 3 weeks = 9 total sessions) for only $135 (+ tax), or our advanced U-FACTOR small group training class (three 1-hour sessions per week for 4 weeks = 12 total sessions) for only $200 (+ tax) and experience the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

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Underground Fitness Revolution’s INTERVENTION intro membership classes run as scheduled.

Our METABOLIC MAYHEM high-intensity total-body metabolic resistance training classes run Monday, Wednesday and Friday as scheduled.

Our U-FACTOR advanced training classes run Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday morning.

See all available memberships, rates, days and times HERE!

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