Nutritional Supplements

Underground Fitness Revolution is a proud partner of Beachbody™ supplements. Their assortment of supplements help you achieve your goals and reach them more quickly. Supplements for men and women include:

• Beachbody Performance Protein Powders (Recover and Recharge)
• Pre-Workout Supplements
• Shakeology
• Body Beast Nutrition (Whey Protein, Post-Workout, Creatine, Super Suma)
• Nutritional Bars
• Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3’s)
• Multi-Vitamins and Minerals
• Anti-Aging Supplements

To order Beachbody™ supplements, CLICK HERE!

Equipment Recommendations:

Resistance Band Training (high-quality resistance bands!)

Kettlebell USA (free shipping on high-quality kettlebells)

Dragondoor RKC Kettlebells (the BEST kettlebells but the most expensive – wait for 20-30% off or free shipping)

Rogue Fitness (a variety of fitness equipment for all your needs)

Brute Force Sandbags (the best sandbags available)

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