Annual Training Calendar*

Below is our 2018 calendar for our Metabolic EXPRESS Training fitness coaching program.

Our fitness membership program operates on a 3-weeks on, 1-week off (recovery week) training schedule.***

This format is scientifically proven to maximize training results while providing for the necessary pre-planned mental and physical regeneration for long-term success and injury prevention.

***NOTE: Additional sessions during Recovery weeks are available at a discounted rate throughout the year.

We offer short, time-efficient and effective Metabolic EXPRESS Training sessions to get you maximum results in minimal time so you can get on with your busy day!

Remember, Underground Fitness Revolution is a membership-based program. All members are billed the first Monday of every new phase of training for their membership (every four weeks).

ALL sessions must be used within the three-week phase of training. Unused sessions DO NOT carry over to the next month or phase of training. There are no refunds for unused or missed sessions.

Metabolic EXPRESS Training (METBurn) Class Times:

– Days and Hours by Appointment Only –
Monday, Wednesday & Friday – 6:30 am, 8:30 am, 12:00 pm, 5:15 pm, or 6:15 pm


Metabolic EXPRESS Training Phases (3-weeks on, 1-week off):

Phase #1 – January 3rd to January 22nd (Closed for New Year’s Day – Monday, January 1st)**

Phase #2 – January 29th to February 16th

Phase #3 – February 26th to March 16th

Phase #4 – March 26th to April 13th

Phase #5 – April 23rd to May 11th

Phase #6 – May 21st to June 8th (Closed for Memorial Day – Monday, May 28th except for The Murph Challenge at 7:30am)**

Phase #7 – June 18th to July 6th (Closed for Independence Day – Wednesday, July 4th)**

Phase #8 – July 16th to August 3rd

Phase  #9 – August 13th to August 31st

Phase #10 – September 10th to September 28th

Phase #11 – October 8th to October 26th

Phase #12 – November 5th to November 23rd

Phase #13 – December 3rd to December 21st (December to Remember!)

NOTE: Additional training sessions available during off-weeks throughout the year for a discounted rate.

****CHRISTMAS BREAK: December 23, 2018 – December 30, 2018.****

Sessions resume Monday, December 31, 2018.


**NOTE – We are CLOSED on the following holidays in 2018 and will make them up during the Recovery Weeks:

**New Year’s Day – Monday, January 1, 2018

**Memorial Day – Monday, May 28, 2018 (The Murph Challenge will take place at 7:30am on this day)

**Independence Day – Wednesday, July 4, 2018


*Schedule subject to change.

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