Coaching + Training + Nutrition + Recovery + Support = RESULTS!

As the owner and fitness coach for Underground Fitness Revolution, I believe we are truly unique. We are your Complete Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coaching Program.

I believe in the following:

1.) Do No Harm
2.) Address Issues
3.) Make You Stronger and Improve Your Quality of Life

It seems simple but it definitely requires a lot of hard work, dedication, discipline and consistency. Simple. Not easy.

I’m truly passionate about what I do. I have extensive knowledge and expertise. What I recommend works. It may go against everything you know or have learned but it’s the absolute truth.

I could charge double for our program. However, I know that serving others is what I’m here to do, and I try to make our program as affordable as possible in order to help more people.

I take a whole body approach to fitness, nutrition, and health. I take nutrition seriously and recognize that each person is unique in their goal setting. I have clients from 16 to 76 years old.

It took me a long time to figure out God’s mission and purpose for my life and when I did, I had it tattooed on my forearm as follows:

Love God. Love People. Serve Others Through Fitness, Nutrition and Missions Work.

I live that mission and purpose daily. But don’t take my word for it. Come check us out and see for yourself.

Please feel free to check us out and ask any questions. Or you can always come in for a free workout during one of our Bring-a-Buddy weeks.

See what our members have to say below yo!

– Nate


Our program works and we get the best results around. Take a look at the unparalleled results of some of our superstar clients. These are real people getting real RESULTS with our Underground Fitness Revolution Superhero training and nutrition program. 

Real Life Superhero: Angela C
Real Life Superhero: Yoly C
Real Life Superhero: Barbara C
Real Life Superhero: Christy F
Real Life Superhero: Billy P
Real Life Superhero: LeeAnn A
Real Life Superhero: Karen R
Real Life Superhero: Kelly B

We offer short, time-efficient and effective Metabolic EXPRESS Training sessions to get you maximum results in minimal time so you can get on with your busy day as a Superhero!

Disclaimer: Spectacularly amazing and unusual results not typical. Results based on following our Superhero nutrition and training guidelines under the supervision of Underground Fitness Revolution coaches and trainers.


 Client Testimonials:

“I highly recommend Underground Fitness Revolution. Workouts there are great! I have learned so much about exercise and nutrition since I started there.  Nate is a great source of information and everyone who works out there is incredibly motivating and encouraging! You should at least check out one of their free workouts during Bring-a-Buddy week.” – Jaime S.


“Check out Underground Fitness Revolution in Alachua. You will be glad you did. I know I am. Bring-a-Buddy week is a great week to experience what they have to offer for free. You can inbox me if you would like to join me as my buddy. They can help you reach your goals through fitness and nutrition.” – Kim W.


Underground Fitness Revolution in Alachua is GREAT!”- Eliana C.


“I have lost over 40lbs since joining Underground Fitness Revolution in Alachua in October 2012! Nutrition focused with FUN, intense, motivating workouts and people that have you coming back for MORE!” – Angela C.


“I can’t say enough good things about Nate at Underground Fitness Revolution in Alachua. I’ve lived in this county for over 40 years and have tried many facilities. He is the best of the best! So knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend him!” – Cheryl G.


“A personal trainer can be pretty pricey (I know from experience). My husband and I both workout at Underground Fitness Revolution in Alachua. It is 3 days a week, 3 weeks a month. It is small group setting where you get the benefit of having a personal trainer, but the motivation and fun of small group workout. We had tested personal trainers and the introduction month of UFR. We ultimately decided to keep going to UFR because it was challenging, affordable, and a place where we could see improvements in ourselves. You have nothing to lose by trying it for a month. Good luck in your quest to get fit!” – Lora H.


“This gym suits me (Underground Fitness Revolution in Alachua). It’s intimate but challenging. At my age, most women are “old” but this keeps me strong and I love it. Learned a lot about how to eat even better than I did before. This is a no-nonsense gym. If you really want to change your body through hard work and good nutrition, come and try it for a month. Nate is an awesome person!” – Karen R.


“Coach Nate – Underground Fitness Revolution – changed my life and can do the same for you. I will never go anywhere else.” – Eva D.


“GOOD MORNING GAINESVILLE! Underground Fitness Revolution is awesome! I’m just beginning out after having been at a ‘regular’ big name gym. Let me tell you in the month I have been here I have progressed. Nate is amazing. There is NO judgement, only supportive training. Want a change in your routine – COME SEE HIM! Join us. It’s a Revolution Thing!” – Julia C.


“Nate is the best! If you want to see progress that is where to go! Make no excuses on how far away it is either!” – Shelley Russell


“Friends….. I can not even begin to tell you how awesome Underground Fitness is. Ever since I started there a little over six months ago I have made some wonderful friends and truly gotten back my motivation to work out. They are now offering classes every day of the week AND an introduction class for those of you who have been intimidated by the style of workouts that we do. I am happy to share more info and get you in touch with Nathan if you are interested in giving it a try! Working out there has truly been a life changing experience for me and something that I look forward to every day!” – Jaime


“Limitations and excuses are left outside” (NT) – happy hour time with – Jaime, Mandy, Nathan, and my buddy Becky. If I missed your name bring it!” – Yoly C.


Received this email from a former Underground Fitness Revolution member and wanted to share it:

“Hey Nate,

I’ve been meaning to write you for a while now. I hope 2013 has been treating you kind and that you’re pushing all your peeps to the edge at Underground!

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for giving me a new outlook on physical fitness and working out. Because of you and the workouts at Underground I’ll never step foot in a regular gym again. After my last session with you, I didn’t have another high-intensity workout for four months, and let me tell you, I was a mess. The weight came back on, I was lethargic, eating terrible, and just all around not too happy. I knew I had to get back into it.

I decided to join Crossfit in February. It’s a bike ride away from my house in town and they have classes that fit my unusual work schedule such as weekend, mid-day, and early morning sessions. BUT, I would have never thought about getting back into that kind of routine if I hadn’t realized what a difference You and Your training had done for me. At my initial session with CF, they inquired about my last two years of physical activity and I spoke very highly of you and the difference in my fitness level between when I was attending Underground regularly opposed to when I had stopped.

I hope you find that big new facility your looking for and maybe I’ll catch you at some mud runs this summer!

Thanks Again & Best Wishes” – Eric

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